Our Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of modern businesses, providing innovative solutions to complex problems. As an AI consultancy, we offer a range of AI services to help businesses make the most of this cutting-edge technology.

If you are currently not using AI/ML approaches in your workflow, our three-pronged approach (see below) is the most efficient for rapid adaption of AI into your business. If you need more direct support for pre-identified and specific needs, you can off-load your work to us. Here is an overview of our services -  

    1. AI Strategy and Consulting

      1. Rapid prototyping of POCs to validate potential use cases
      2. R&D to develop novel solutions or to fine-tune existing ones to address the client needs
      3. Brainstorming and strategy solutions to further develop the idea in-house
    2. Talent Acquisition: Once the efficacy and the feasibility of a solution/workflow are established, and you want to further explore the ideas, you can leverage our experience to hire the right talent.

      1. Conducting interviews (AI/ML round)
      2. Devising take-home projects that evaluate skills needed for the job
      3. Review of candidate resumes to identify and assess AI skills
    3. Infrastructure Setup

      1. On-prem setups 
      2. Cloud setups